Historical Perspective  

The MVCL was established by the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) in 1970 for the purpose of hosting Heads of States and Governments Senior Officials who attended the Non-Aligned Conference. After this international event, the infrastructure was put to alternative use which included renting out the facilities to Government Ministries, Departments, Corporate institutions and the General Public. The Complex is situated on stand number 10967, along Lunsemfwa Road in Lusaka’s Kalundu Residential area, over a 43.4519 hectares (107.372 acres) of land,300 meters off the Great East Road, opposite the University of Zambia main campus and 7 kilometres from the Town Centre. The Complex has 89 fully furnished Villas, 16 fully furnished Apartments, Central Amenities Building comprising 7 Hotel Rooms, Offices, Restaurant, Swimming Pool, 2 Squash and 2 Tennis Courts.

Historically, the strategic management of the Complex has changed hands over time. Originally, the Complex’s control and management fell under the then Ministry of Works and Supply but was later transferred to National Hotels Development Corporation Limited (NHDC) in 1982. The NHDC was a state enterprise responsible for state owned hotels, lodges, tourists and conference businesses. In 1994 the MVCL was transferred to the Directorate of State Enterprise (DSE) and thereafter to the National Housing Authority (NHA) and later to the Presidential Housing Initiative (PHI). In 2002 the Complex was transferred to the Zambia National Tourism Board (ZNTB), under the then Ministry of Tourism before it was incorporated in 2006 as a limited liability company under the companies Act, CAP 386 of the Laws of Zambia. At its incorporation, the company became wholly owned by GRZ and its control and governance was transferred to the Ministry of Finance (MOF), which owned 100% shares in the company on behalf of GRZ.

On 24th August, 2015, MVCL’s shareholding was transferred to the IDC and on 29th December 2015, the composition of the Board of Directors was amended to comprise the Permanent Secretary or the representative of a Ministry responsible for Sector Policy, not more than five (5) persons from the private sector and the Managing Director. With the above, the strategic management of the company rests with the Board of Directors on behalf of the IDC.

On the other hand, the IDC is a State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) charged with the mandate to spearhead the Zambian Government’s commercial investments agenda aimed at strengthening Zambia’s industrial base and job creation. The IDC was incorporated in January 2014 and is wholly owned by the Government through the Minister of Finance, pursuant to the Minister of Finance (Incorporation) Act Cap 349 of the Laws of Zambia. The IDC was established to create and maximize long term shareholder value as an active investor and shareholder of successful state-owned enterprises, as well as undertake industrialization and rural development activities through the creation of new industries.

Vision Statement

The MVCL want to become the leading and most preferred real estate and hospitality business house in Zambia and the sub-region through a motivated and dedicated workforce governed by a sense of achievement and unity.

Mission Statement

The MVCL provides short and long stay residential accommodation, sports facilities, banqueting and conference services to individuals and society at large.

Overall Goal Statement   

The MVCL supra goal is to deliver a strong and consistent financial performance that guarantees a return (dividend) on its investment for the shareholders.

Core Values

The  MVCL is guided by the following core values among others:

  • Responsiveness:         The MVCL actively engages with and listens to its stakeholders and strives to timeously and courteously respond to their expectations
  • Professionalism:         The MVCL employees are committed to the execution of their roles and functions to the highest professional ethics and standards;
  • Integrity:    The MVCL employees works with honesty, probity and sincerity in all their dealings;
  • Innovation:     The MVCL always seeks to improve its products and services;
  • Respect:     The MVCL employees are mandated not to use offensive, intimidating, derogatory words and or gestures to those in authority, fellow MVCL employees and members of the general public. In addition the MVCL protects every person’s dignity and rights as enshrined in the constitution of Zambia.